Sunday, 7 May 2017

NW & Co Candles...

NW & Co Candles

A long time ago now I started making candles to sell at the Vintage Fairs.
It took a long time to get the mix of oils right to give the very best scent throws, to choose which wicks to use, what wax, legal legislation - oh the list is long

Then just as I thought I was ready to go there is another well established company with a name so very similar to Priddy Priddy

What could have been a real blow actually turned out to be the best thing!

It gave me the push in the right direction to actually dedicate some time & energy to give the candles their own stand alone identity

NW &Co

Well I'm the NW, Nicola Windsor
the Co are my large family who have all offered practical help, support & encouragement
Together we make an awesome team and even better candles!

It's early days, the website

is still in the making, but you can buy candles

Im no website designer so things take a little longer to get done but every part of this journey is being created by me.

There is a core range that I aim to offer:

The Utility Range

Clear jars - simple, pretty & functional

Wax Melts

Taster packs of 3, a try before you buy
Packs of 6

The Apothecary Range

Beautiful Amber Glass Jars

And 500g Apothecary jars

There will be a base range of 12 scents and these will be available in your choice of container, melt, tealight, diffuser & room spray

There will be in time reed diffusers & room sprays, a candle club and special offers

Please pop over to the new website, sign up and be the first to keep up to date with new products and special offers.

I'm still a way from the finish line, but it is in sight and I hope to see you there!


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