Sunday, 28 May 2017

NW & Co range is coming along nicely...

If I say so myself, the core NW & Co range is coming along really nicely!

It takes time when you want to give the absolute very best you can, you have to try it, try it again then once more just to make sure!

Then when once you finalise the scent mix you need to decide what jar or container to use.  I could follow trends or follow someone else but then that wouldn't be me and I couldn't get behind it 100%

So I can safely say that after a lot of testing of base carriers and reeds I have finally found the perfect combination!

Using vintage style school milk bottles, similar to the ones Priddy Priddy have stocked over the years.

They compliment the Utility Range candles perfectly and I can vouch how lovely the layered scent in a room is.  At the moment we have a Driftwood Candle and Driftwood Reed Diffuser in our bathroom. 
(and also a room spray) 

It's quite lovely to have the underlying scent in there from the Reed Diffuser; then when I want to relax in the bubbles I just burn the candle for an hour.

As well as the Reed Diffusers we will also be adding a New Range of Room Scents to the NW & Co core range!!
I have to be honest I was unsure about the Room Sprays, I don't use air fresheners at home.  Open windows, Candles and Reed Diffusers are generally enough but then there are those times when you can't open the windows or light a candle and that's where the room sprays have been fantastic.

So I'm more than a little bit giddy and happy to say that there will also be Room Sprays available in all the scents that we carry.

The Amber Glass Apothecary bottles look stylish and are a practical solution.  There will be re-fills available so once you've used your spray simply rinse and re-fill.

There is a lot of real life work behind the scenes here, so if I am a bit quiet for a few weeks please do bear with me!

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