Saturday, 1 April 2017

Vintage Wedding Hankies...

When I finally got married it was 20 somethings years after we'd first met and 5 children later!

My dress came from e-bay, my shoes from Jimmy Choo's and we arrived at the small reception for family by helicopter.

It was unique to us and perfect for us.

On my wedding day my mum lent me a small hankies, it had printed blue forget me knots.
It was the something old, something borrowed & something blue.

It was very pretty, unexpected and it was one of the many little things that made my day extra special.

I don't have that handkerchief, I gave it back a couple of days later but I do have a lovely selection of beautiful vintage wedding hankies.

Some are so fine and delicate, some have lace, some are hand stitched, some are a little more loved but all are absolutely a small snippet of a by-gone era.
A time when ladies carried a dainty hankies in their handbags.

It's not a huge collection I bought them all in one bag and I'd like to think that the lady who'd they'd previously belonged to would be happy to know that her little hankies were going to be used and cherished by a modern bride or mother of the bride!

I will be listing them to the Etsy shop in time for the up coming wedding season

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