Friday, 11 September 2015

Super September...

Away with was an uninspiring month, wet, cold just downright miserable for the most.
Poor kiddos.  First days back to school and we're having a Super September {so far} has been gorgeous!

Summer Holidays are a blur of small and big kiddos passing through...

I have to confess I am enjoying coming home from the school run to a quieter house.  
{no super yummy mummy awards for me then}

Priddy Priddy has been ticking along nicely, like a swan gliding on top whilst paddling like a loon behind the scenes

And speaking of swans, they keep appearing to me, real ones at the park to beautiful figurines

so much so that I'm making a real effort NOT to bring them home with me! 
Alright I'm not really trying that hard and they do keep coming home.  There are some lovely Art Glass ones that I need to photograph too.

What would summer in Good old Blighty be without at least a trip to the seaside?

On one of her many trips to the seaside and New Forest {in years gone by} my mum was bought by my grand-dad a sweet little donkey, it's still on her mantle to this day!

These little sweeties made their way to me recently, they could be from the same family as my mums, so so similar.

Aren't they adorable?!

How can you resist those big eyes and super ears?

Another thing that I used to see at the Seaside and we'd bring home for grandparents were the Hornsea Flora and Fauna range.
It was the era of Disney's Bambi and I think its fair to say it influenced us.
I have in the loft a gorgeous vase, bought again for my mum from another seaside trip.  I can't ever imagine letting it go.  It's minimal financial value but the emotional tug it gives me?  Well you couldn't put a price on that.

Something is telling me that it is time for it to come down, that my kiddos are now of the age were a rogue football is less likely to wipe it out

As if to prove a point these little treasures have found me this year...I've enjoyed having them out.  But Im not a collector
Larger Sylvac vase, that cute little squirrel sat on the oak tree

See what I mean about Bambi?  You remember Thumper right?  That lovely saying his mama tought him? 
'If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all'

I tell my kiddos that to this day!

Can't just be me that thinks you'd have to have a heart of ice not to find these two below almost too sweet!
Bambi & Thumper

All of the above are on Etsy.

A flying post from me, I've vintage linens to get on the line to sun out in preparation for an upcoming Vintage Fair.
News on that later this week

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