Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rare Alfred Meakin...

Every now and then things just fall into place, right day, right time, right place.

That's how this lovely set came to me
I had no idea at the time how rare and hard to find it was
What I did know was that it was exceptional and just so right!

Alfred Meakin
Dog Walker pattern
Interchangable with his Poodles and Parissienne patterns

So much style and fun, in such small pieces

If you've ever watched the Disney film 101 Dalmations this reminds so much of the style of drawing....even the images could have been plucked out of the film!  
The bit at the beginning when they go for a walk in the park and Pongo tries to match his master to a lady

*I do love the original 101 Dalmations*

Young ladies parading in their fashionably stylish 1950's clothing, walking their equally fashionable dogs...poodles, setters, terriers!

This pattern is so of the era
if it had a voice it would be purring 1950's dahling

and to have found almost a full set in one sweep?!

4 cups & saucers
4 large dinner plates
4 bowls
3 side plates

all have been listed on the Priddy Priddy etsy store

I have more Priddiness being listed on Etsy through the week, so please pop by if you fancy a peek!

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