Monday, 27 July 2015

So Much Priddiness...

I'm quite sure that Priddiness isn't a real in the dictionary word, but it does describe something Pretty from Priddy Priddy...

The Esty shop is being stocked, I am making a real effort to list things on there.  
It has been heart warming that the little snippets I've been listing are getting liked and re-homed.

This little chap is the most recent addition
A retro/vintage terrier figurine

He just reminds me so much of the Cath Kidston Stanley.

My eldest daughter has a thing for Swan planters, 
{a girly with super taste!}
and kindly let me list this one

Beardy Bobs Candles...

Pretty by day


Oh so BEAUTIFUL by night

Just a quick post to see how everyone is?  Weather has been quite dire, not so super lemonade & giggles summer so far.

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