Sunday, 5 May 2013

Crafting Goodness...

I refuse to accept that I am the only person who struggles to find the perfect finish!  
I uhm and ahh over the small stuff.  Finding the right, the 'perfect' trim for the frilly fru fru knickers lampshade is taking time...
However I may just have found the right one, a lovely 6" Charleston trim!
...alas for me though it abides in a shop where I get my crochet yarn from.

This can only be a sign from the crafty goddesses that I should make an additional purchase - right?

So I find myself with a lovely bundle of yarn 
{acrylic - functional not fancy}
as well as a couple of metres of trim.

I shouldn't have, but I did!


So what will I do with this bag of wool?  
Well a couple of the balls are due to make a dent on my 'Fortnum and Mason' blanket...the rest however...
I think I will start a new ripple blanket for one of the older kiddos, probably one for my eldest.  
They all keep nagging me for their very own one, my eldest son has declared the 'super duper' blanket I made last year to be his on the cold nights, truth is we all fight over it!
This is the blanket folded in half!
It's approx 7' wide by 6' long
I used the Attic 24 ripple pattern and found myself doing a line or two a day, every day for quite a while.  
Each colour row used a ball of yarn.

Im not a great crocheter, I mean I love it, I love crocheting, but in all honesty I've never really tried to follow a more complicated pattern.

So next week should see a little tah-dah post on the frilly fru fru lampshade.
Fingers Crossed!



  1. So gorgeous.
    That is a lot of wooly goodness.

  2. Wow and wow and thats folded in half oh my goodness its wonderful with a capital w!!

    I am looking forward to seeing the frou frou lamp shade now??

    bestest to you and yours
    daisy j x

    Ps thanks for the lovely comment on 'my house' blog post!!