Sunday, 19 May 2013

Almost time for a little Ta-Dah...

The Frilly Frou Frou knicker lampshade is taking longer than I thought to finish.  

Granted a horrible bout of tonsillitis has knocked me off my feet this past week but...

The Charleston trim came, went on and is slightly whiter than I had thought it would be, not major just not what I had hoped or expected!  
When I finally stopped sulking about that long enough to actually pin it onto the shade it turns out that the colour isn't as bad as I had first thought...but once it was pinned it was clear that something else was needed and I think after a little potter about today I may have solved that dilemma!!

But when I will find time to attach the trim and finish Im not sure.  

For I have 2, yes you heard me right, 2 lovely little china display cabinets...already taken back to the bare bones, washed and primed they are looking quite yummy already.
Like buses I waited aaages for 1, then in 2 days I find 2!?  
I still hold that what's meant to be will be so I knew I just had to keep my eyes and mind open...then 1 would find me.
1 of them was an obvious choice, but the other was looking a lot more shabby than chic and took a leap of imagination as to what a good wash could do.

However I waffle...
So not to tease or bore the pants of you I will stop this waffle, apologise for the lack of before photos on the cabinets {I get so excited I start stripping down and washing as soon as they get out the car} and apologise for the no Ta-Dah today...
Cross my heart that I will get myself along for yet even more Broderie Anglaise for the shade and finish it!

*I can not be held responsible if we have sunshine this week and I am forced to take said cabinets outside and paint them*


just wanted to add that the dressing table was sold this week to a lovely lady who does the MOST amazing cakes!  
Lillibet Bakes on facebook for any cake lovers out there...

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