Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Busy painting...

So...not what I promised or hoped but a snap just to prove that I am doing 'something'!

As is the case with many of these older pieces the years of wear and old wood stain have not just washed off and a primer coat is needed on both pieces.  
I wonder if when people look at the stuff I take to the fair they realise the time, effort and care that go into the finished item.  Sometimes, I get quite cross when Im being bartered down as I feel I offer pretty damned good value to start with.  I rarely factor in accurately the man hours I put into each piece.

Still I waffle and that's my problem not yours!

here they are

 The one on the table was the obvious choice, it has minor damage {a few bits of veneer have come away} and is hopefully a fairly straight forward paintover {ah but what colour shall I do this?}

The one on the floor is the one that is causing me a few problems, {which is why the back is missing - long story!} and will I think take a bit longer to sort...lets put it this way paint colour choice is the least of my worries.  

Eyes bigger than my belly mentality going on here!

Hoping tomorrow to crack on with the easy one, I SO want one of these for me...but all that glass and a house full of football mad kiddos?...
Oh I do make myself chuckle!!