Saturday, 12 January 2013


Photo's again....
it's like I'm just plain showing off now!

I almost passed this by today, the damage in the corners put me off a bit.,
but after doing a couple of walk bys' it still kept my interest so...

I bought it home with me
I am so Happy that I did!
It looks so much nicer in the flesh than the photos show

It's not looking like this now though...

Spot the damaged corners?

They are hardly recognizable now

I've given it a good clean, a lot of this is grubbiness

It is now sat with a lovely dusky pink coat on!

Anyone who knows me will know that PINK is NOT my colour...but I have been heavily influenced in the choice for this by 3 things;
Shingle Cottage Blog and her love of all things pink and girlie
What paint I have in the cupboard {I've used a mix of Antoinette and Original - Annie Sloan}
and finally by just how pretty the frame actually is

I don't think it will stay pink, I'm pretty sure it will get a wash of Original so just a glimpse of pink peeks through...or it may go Original and get a distressing with dark wax?
Decisions, decisions

I also picked up a lovely Granny Mirror, set on an Oak board.  I prefer my Granny Mirrors to be frame less and with a bevelled edge so I'm thinking this will get a painting and also go into stock
a large pine framed mirror, which is definitely getting a coat of paint before coming along to 


  1. It's a great frame, pop a picture of it on your blog when it's done! (you can show off a bit more!) :) x

  2. ...hello there ...i've just found your lovely blog as i was wandering around......happy to be your newest follower!x