Friday, 11 January 2013

A show and tell Ta-Da...

Finally...a break in the clouds and a chance to snap a couple of photo's

Sadly this is what Im most excited about
my rescued bike/shopping basket...
I LOVE the colour

Simple things and simple minds 

This is the first time I've put the lampshade onto a base and Im surprised by how much I like it!
I'll explain...I thought it would be too high up on the stand, but although it is high with a 2" trim at the bottom I think it will work

I mentioned before that I had sprayed a couple of other bits...
Im planning a turquoise, red and white Christmas next year and sprayed the hearts to fit

And I have plans afoot for these...


The tutorial that I vaguely followed for the lampshade recover can be found over at Shingle Cottage Blog, as can lots of inspiring photos of very pretty pink things!


  1. OOh like like... love that lamp stand and shade, .....blogs cool too
    bestest daisy j