Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sewing, Painting and Day Dreaming...

I hadn't even realised that I'd been such a busy bee!  Just having a spot of fun.
The standard lampshade is almost finished...all sewn up on the frame before Christmas but it really does need a nice bit of trim to finish it.  I'm thinking long and fancy but haven't really put any effort or thought into it over Christmas.

I've picked another lampshade up and am just waiting to clear the post Christmas fuzz to see if I have a spot of fabric to try the 'glue on' method {ala Granny Chic}  I'd like a nice Liberty one perhaps?  Liberty Lawn patchwork type of thing?  Or maybe a nice retro vintage 1970's styled one? Will just have to see what I have  or what I find in the charity shops...
All that said it's in really good condition {although a bit too 1980's for me} and so far it's been a 50/50 split as to whether I leave it as it is or give it a face lift {Im definatley in the face lift camp}

Recently I rescued quite literally from a bin a very old, tatty bike basket.  It was once white but was looking really quite sad by the time I found it, the white 'plastic' was just falling off of it and rust had started to form.  I think it would be fair to say that everyone had thought I'd lost the plot when it appeared at home, dropping white plastic bits in its trail!
A short time later though, a thorough scraping with the Stanley blade and a rub with sandpaper...hey what do you know it was looking a lot happier.
For a while I've had a hankering for a good old fashioned wire shopping basket, the idea being to store my yarns but in truth I must have seen a photo of one somewhere...
Roll on the next day and the perfect tin of turquoise paint was found
Oh I haven't had that much fun with a can of paint for yonks!
The basket is looking fan-dabby-dosie and...well I could't help myself, I sprayed a couple of other bits that didn't move fast enough to avoid the paint.

No progress on my bike...plans as always but finally I think I have convinced my eldest son to strip it down so I can paint it.  The offer of a small payment has I think helped in this turnaround of his interest!

There are 'things' to paint ready for the Priddy Priddy stall in March but it's been too cold or wet to crack on  with most of them.

So once again Im lacking in photos...but in fairness the light has been dire, today was the first sunny day for what has been over a week.

I've listed individual School Milk Bottles on Etsy today, 1/3 pint ones, just like I used to have at school...

I fully intend to grace mine with Pimms this summer...roll on summer!

Fingers crossed for a few days of sunny weather so I can take a few photo's that don't look like we live an underground bunker


  1. Loving your ideas, I'd love one of those wire baskets too! :) x

  2. Good on you for 'rescuing' the basket and sticking with it. Love to see a pic of the end result. M x