Monday, 14 January 2013

Think Pink...

I love Blue, there I've said it...
Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue!

is not my default colour

and Im finding it very hard to think this is the best color for this lovely frame;
mainly as it will be coming along to the Vintage Fair in March and I don't want to narrow my buyers market.

The Pink I've used is in actual fact a mix of Henrietta & Original 
{not Antoinette}
Henrietta is quite a bluey pink 
{probably what drew me to it in the first place}

In fairness the light today is poor, think heavy snowy clouds lack of light poor
In one room with lack of natural light it looks like this

and in the other with big patio doors and lots of natural light it looks a bit like this

The true colour is somewhere between the two!

I think for re-sale purposes it will get painted Original or possibly Pure {both Annie Sloan}
Safe to say that this isn't the final colour

Off to the glaziers this week to see how much it would cost to make it into a mirror...


  1. i love the colour but then i am a pink girl... but i think for a bigger market appeal, i would go for antique white/ cream. That's my tuppence worth lol!

  2. ...funny as i just had a conversation today about the pink/blue debate with a friend this morning! ...both like blue...but are getting into pink at the moment too...think that soft shade is lovely(I'm wearing pink cardi!!) x

    1. I'm blaming the Vintage revival...lots of lovely pink roses...

  3. I'm gonna be awkward and say I liked it gold but that's only because I'm looking for something similar in gold!! I love pastel pink, I like dusty shades too. Would you put a chalk board behind it? Cheaper than mirror.

    *waves hello* from s new follower, Hazel.

    1. Now you see I had pondered about gold leafing it...but the cost of doing it would make it an expensive frame {and I might not like it}
      Hadn't thought of a chalkboard - food {did you see how I linked food ie cake into that?} for thought
      Off for a nosey around your blog

  4. It's such a pretty frame! The chalky pink looks lovely especially in the last pictures, I think. I suppose the safest shade to appeal to the most people would be white or cream :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, and keep cosy!
    Helen x

  5. Lovely frame - I have read about Sloane paints on other blogs - are they different to 'others' (FB for example)? I do like the chalky finish and we use that a lot in our house. I am a fan of grey/blue at the could all change next week but that is why I like paint!
    Thank for kind words - I have made a note about lampshades on post today
    Keep warm
    Best wishes