Monday, 3 September 2012

Today I am...

being a big girl!!

The sun is shining, the doors are open, the kiddos have been released and I have cleared the table of most of the 'stuff' it has accumulated over the summer holidays.

This has finally given me space to get a bit crafty and time!!
Oh the luxury space and time

After an email from Jacqui the lovely organiser of

letting me know my stall number and location for this months fair I felt like I'd been walloped!!

Can it really be this weekend??  

I have definately had my head in the bucket of sand {or more likely the basket of washing}, I've been telling myself I have lots of time to prepare, to make ready...


see you this weekend?


camera is out of action once again so no photos to show you what I have to bring with me...but trust me there is a LOT!!



  1. These fairs just sneak up on you, don't they? Am sure it will be fabulous, wish I could come!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. I know that feeling! I'm going to have a big box and just keep adding bits to it! I got swallowed up good and proper by the 'Craft Fair Panic Monster' last week! I wish I could be there! Ada :)