Saturday, 18 August 2012

Peek a Boo...

Oh dear, where o where has the time gone?

I may have been away from my post here but I have been spending my time wisely preparing for the next MK Handmade and Vintage Fair

Im not sure a weekend will be long enough to show you all what we've been busy sourcing for your delectable delight!x

My loft is heaving with it all, we've made several trips to our storage unit to pop the odd bit of gorgeousness by...
Every time I pop in there I find myself almost squeeking with delight....unable to resist a rummage around the odd item may have sneaked its way into my car and home.

At home Im having a bit of a romp with this colour...

it's reminding me of clear blue oceans through the summer

and I can hardly wait for Christmas so I can mix it up with a spot of red


  1. Hi there!
    I am busy getting ready for MK too !!!! Lovely to see you've visited mt blog, and will keep an eye out for you in two weeks time : D !!!!
    Have a great week : )

    Sharon xx

    1. Ah my bloggy neighbour!! Do pop by {if I don't find you first!} and say hallo

  2. Love the red with aqua on those killer shoes! Good luck with the fair :) ...and thank you so much for the lovely comment on my post. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!!

    Louise xx

  3. The fair was fantastic {again!}...just wish I had a few photo's to share but still no camera......