Monday, 25 June 2012

Utility China, again!...

I sold a fair few pieces at the last Vintage Market and bought the rest home yesterday for a wash and count up...I really do LOVE to 'play' with it all so any excuse will do!

Almost all of it fits in the little Vintage corner unit I picked up last week and have almost finished painting etc

No room for the few blue bits left though or the large number of Hedgerow bits I've managed to part with

A few bits of Jasmine are listed on Etsy (which will be open again quite soon) but if there's anything you're interested in do let me know & I'll get a shipping quote 
{it is quite heavy to post though which is why I don't list lots of it on Etsy}

This lovely stuff generates interest all over the place....including Australia!!



  1. I love that shade of green, it's so fresh and vibrant, don't know how you can bear to part with it! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

    1. I do love the green Beryl, we keep a few bits for the children to use, much nicer than plastic plates etc and I have a few bits for me in the favourites are 3 jugs which I use every week when we have a roast
      But I LOVE the blue Iris...sadly I RARELY if ever find any of it locally

  2. Thanks for stopping by at by blog.
    I checked pictures from that fair...oh my! I WOULD LOVE to visit a place like that someday. Amazing!!!

  3. Nicky, if you ever come across blue Johnson Bros dinner plates (I bought two from you before)I would definitely be interested in buying them from you!

    Loving the green too.

    Ali x

  4. Love your yellow utilty china... So fresh!! It looks fab in your new corner unit.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my recent post, you're too kind! Have a great weekend xx