Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fancy a...

good old rummage around?!

Yee Ha

Photo's!! My wonderfully organised sister {who manages not to let my children near her camera} managed to get a few photo's of the PriddyPriddy stall last weekend...


Well I managed to cram more stock than I ever thought possible into such a space, without it looking awful 
{well I don't think it looks awful}

My daughter and niece took along a selection of stock {echoes + ink on facebook}
which was really well receieved, they sold a few bits and had lots of interest in commissions!!

See that  yellow blanket ^^^
I was so disappointed that it sold, but not in the least bit surprised!

I wanted to sing the 'Yellow Rose of Texas' every time I looked at it!

Twsa a lovely little vintage coverlet...

^^^the chair came home with me, now that DID surprise me!
It's not got a label but is has a date of May 1938 stamped on it...again not a great disappointment as it is a comfy little thing

My first sale of the day were these rather lovely filing drawers...

^^^the glasses sold this time, but the sugar shaker is still here?
seriously if it doesn't sell in November it WILL be coming home to me permanently....

Somehow this blue cabinet didn't sell at £25
 but the very pretty Barret Ware tin did go...

and sadly {well not sadly but you know what I mean} the lovely Ercol chair sold...
Lolly isn't too happy with me as she had her eye on it

Oh my lovely, lovely recovered suitcase...I took it along to display on and it had SO much interest

Just a few more bits....

I think I should keep the next set of Vintage Jelly Molds I find as they're getting harder and harder to get hold of in good condition 
{or is that just in this area?}

more sugar tongs than you can shake a sugar cube at
{my favourites are the Lyons Tea house branded did they manage to sneak them out of the tea room?  Best not ask!}

How the light sparkles through crystal...casting rainbows all about!

and a few more...

I must stop picking up pretty tins and vinatge enamel, but I do lurve it so...

Despite the heat we had a great weekend, thank you to all who popped along for a natter 
Looking forward to doing it all again in November!!


  1. You had a wonderful selection of wares! It's always interesting what sells and what doesn't - sometimes the things that everyone picks up and 'oohs' and 'aaahs' over are still with you at the end of the day !

    1. It also surprises me what sells later in the day...this time quite a few bigger, bulky bits - usually it's the smaller nick-nacky things!

  2. It all looks fantastic, glad you had such a good day! Wish I could have been there too.......Ada :)

    1. Your lovely wares would look super there...

  3. You had some lovely stock ... glad you had a good day. M x