Friday, 20 June 2014

Tins? Addiction or Collection?...

How many tins does one person need?

Far less than this one person covets!!

A few that I can bear to part with...
getting ready to be listed on etsy this this week


a few faves...

I really like the Jacksons tea tins, handy size

Struggling to let these two go, I have a couple of tins for my crochet hooks, scissors etc. for travel the same of the one on the left and they're perfect.  
The one on the right is just so folksy/scandi/retro

I really do love that blue Jacksons tin!

Cute doggies, the one to the right is another 'crochet' tin

{I'm humming 'Let it go' from Frozen as I type}

...but then the black is pretty lovely too...

{Let it Go}

Christmas Quality Street anyone?...


Turn your back in my house for a couple of minutes and all sorts of things happen...

Chickens make a break for it and take liberties in the flower pots...

and strawberries mysteriously vanish from the garden!


  1. I remember always getting a tin of toffees in the sixties when I was a child so the tins with the dogs are so familiar to me! I have to say I have a thing about collecting jugs, not expensive ones but ones I like that I pick up very cheaply in charity shops/second hand shops or bootsales. I didnt plan it, it just happened!They are very pretty to display lovely flowers from the garden in though.

  2. Dear Ms Priddy Priddy
    Apart from calling round with my adoption papers (all in order and they only have another 30 years left to run so not too much of a commitment...) and I am also here to admire your tins (is it ok to say that in public?). I too am rather partial to a new tin so I fully understand that need. I may pack some in my knotted hankerchief to keep my pecker up as I walk the winding road to your house.
    Looking forward to our time together my dear

    Best wishes

  3. I love vintage and kitsch tins. The one in the second picture with the flowers on is especially lovely!