Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Floral Headbands...

Handmade Floral Headbands
made by our Artisan Florist
{aka my eldest daughter Abba}

She hunts high and low to find the most gorgeous silk and artificial flowers.  Doing what we do here at Priddy Priddy turning the old and unwanted 
something new and coveted!

Full, literally FULL of flowers and greenery

She really is an artisan florist in the real world, 
{Vera Wang trained don't ya know} 

it's something she has been doing for the past 6 years she is a true artist and has a natural flair and talent for it

A Flower Nerd at heart...rolling off the names and seasons of flowers...

Perfect for the wedding season, a must have for the lucky of you heading out to a festival this year, maybe add a bit of glamour to your glamping experience or finish off your Prom dress with a unigue 1 off accessory.

Pop in a memory box or keep out on your dresser as they're just so darned spiffy!

Corsages also available, set on quality velvet ribbon...

Over on Etsy...

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  1. Hi popped over from Mrs Custards post,I love the floral creation,sooo! pretty! Kind Regards Pam.