Tuesday, 17 September 2013

She comes, she goes...

Just popping by to say 'what ho!'

My faithful pink netbook took a big old tumble from the top shelf of the bookcase.

Photos from the last MK Handmade and Vintage Fair are loaded onto it 
{along with the whole of the summer holiday with the family!}

Hey ho

It always gives the guys at PC World a giggle when I walk in the door.  With six kiddos we make the most of the cover all insurance policies!
Last time I went in it was being held together with blue tack after the kiddos tried to hide/fix the damage...God Bless em they are an ingenius bunch.

We had an amazing time at the September MK Handmade and Vintage Fair.  It is always really lovely to recognise a face and have a chat with those who are now our regulars.  We were lucky as always to have wonderful 'neighbours' and I am having regrets about not buying a biscuit mould from one of our neighbours...but I was spoilt by my daughter Lolly who treated me to the most amazing vintage bunny jelly mould.
I can't wait to do show and tell...

So till the end of the month when the netbook comes home {fingers crossed} we will once again be quiet here

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