Monday, 22 April 2013

Rebel Blogging...

Round after round of lurgies swept through our family, just as one got slightly better another dropped ill.  Once we were all feeling slightly more human another bug hit the house.
And what started as a bloggy break from my family blog turned into a full blown 3 week Internet Vacation!!
I'm not returning a bronzed Goddess, not even a pastey Goddess; But I am returning a slightly more refreshed happier mama.

Not so much Rebel Blogger, more along the lines of over whelmed, tired, ill mama.
Real life creeps into blogging sometimes, not just the good bits but the bare bones of it.

This is not however a sad, poor old me post!
Ha you thought I was still whinging didn't you?

Well I am happy to report progress here.

Do you remember this?

Wouldn't surprise me if you didn't!  
I was doing a very poor job of trying to ignore and forget about it here.  
I uummed and aahhed over the fabric choice, worried without need over the cutting/sewing, shied away from attaching the sewn pieces to the frame and once that was done I popped it on a stand to check out the alignment of the seams and there it sat for simply ages.  Lighting up our dining room, casting a very lovely warm glow over the room...
but it was all the time quietly nagging me.

Finally I could take the nagging no more!  
Got of my derriere and went for the final push.
But then there was more choice...what trim to use, what colours to choose??

Should it be cream?

Pretty yes?  But not quite right {thank goodness I only pinned it on}

But then in a flash the decision was made...

Were you expecting that?  

I wasn't!  I thought it would be pale blue but after a few days trying to find the 'right' blue I could see it wasn't going to be.
Then I spotted the purple, it has two tones to it, neither an exact match but both happy.

Now you'd think I would be happy to settle with this, I thought I would be, but turns out like so many things in my life it was a 'feast of famine' thing.

So another old slightly tired lampshade that has been waiting for a bit of love has been put in the beauty chair and the transformation has begun...

This is the mock up...
what do you think?

Too late if you're not that keen as I'm halfway through now and it is looking very frilly and fru fru!  
It reminds me at the moment of frilly can can knickers!!

I have one last old lampshade that is in need of a dollop of TLC, I have a vision in my mind, whether I can translate that into the real world remains to be seen!

It's not been all sewing though, there has been a bit of painting too...but enough for one post.
Didn't expect to see the words frilly can can knickers here did you?!

Happy to be back and looking forward to popping in for a virtual cuppa around all my bloggy friends...



  1. Wow! That purple braid works amazingly well with that fabric. A very inspired move. It looks fab.
    And, frilly public! You're on fire! And I don't mean with a lurgy-induced temperature!
    You're on a roll; can't to see the next one.
    Nice to have you pop up at the top of my blog list again!
    Z xx

    1. You made me chuckle with the 'in public' bit :)
      Glad you approve of the trim...

  2. Sorry, that should be ...can't WAIT to see...!

  3. Glad you're feeling better, these lurgy bugs certainly outstay their welcome, don't they?

    Those lampshades are truly inspirational, great colour choice for the braid, and the frilly one reminds me of baby girl's knickers, peeping out of a pretty dress! Both very lovely ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Now my eldest had a pair of those knickers when she was tiny, very out of fashion 21years ago but they were just SO cute and hid the yucky disposable nappy!

  4. OOh that has inspired me! Fantastic shade and the trim is perfect. I can't believe the prices of old standard lamp shades on eBay, I have bought a large drum shade from the charity shop to re-cover myself to save the pennies!!

    1. Ooo can't wait to see what you go for? Not tried a drum shade yet, missed out on a MAHOOSIVE one at the charity shop a while back and haven't seen another yet that tickles my fancy or purse :)