Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dabbling with Paint...

in the sunshine!

Oh what glorious weather; sun is shining with only cotton wool clouds passing by.

Yesterday I got brave and climbed the ladder to paint the landing and stairwell.  No-where near as tricky as I thought it was going to be and has made me wish I had gotten on with the job years ago.  Problem is that now the wall are looking all spick and span that the woodwork and carpet are now looking shabby.  Woodwork will be simple to sort, but the carpet is in need of a professional clean or replacement.  {no budget to replace so getting quotes to clean - any recommendations?}

We took full advantage of the hottest day so far this year last night by having a bit of an impromptu BBQ.  My sister and niece popped around and H's girlfriend.  It was lovely.  One of those things just naturally evolve, relaxed, funny, happy and chilled.
We made a pot of tea once the sun went down and spent the last bit of light watching the kiddos having a kick about on what's left of our chicken ravaged garden!

No further progress on the frilly knickers, fru fru lampshade.  After all that I was totally pooped last night and vegetated in front of the lap-top, catching up on news from bloggy friends.

Today I did a second coat on the stairwell whilst my youngest was at nursery and found a bit of time to give this another coat...

I think I have finally decided to settle on this now as I'm finally happy with it! {3 shades later!}

Just a bit of gold on the trim to compliment the handles it came with and job done.

A mix of Annie Sloan 'Original and Country Grey'

It's amazing what a bit of sun can do for productivity here at Priddy Priddy HQ!



  1. Oh yes, sunshine and much can be achieved! Love your lampshade too! :) x