Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The weather outside is frightful...

and it made me miss The Village Market.
First time...ever...I have had to pull out of a show.

Illness, birthdays you name it I've pitched up and you would have thought that a show mid March would be a dead cert for a sure fire hit? 

I spent over an hour lugging bits from the loft down to the car, took car seats out, loaded the car, cleared a space indoors for the car seats and was feeling quite smug and excited on Friday night.

I was woken several times through the night by poorly little ones {viral infections doing the rounds here}...a couple of times I peeked through the curtains, looked cold and damp but nothing untoward.
I chuckled that the weather man had got it so wrong {thankfully I thought} again.

Then I opened the front door to this

I didn't order SNOW!!
and not just a light dusting

My poor old treasures were looking decidedly chilly and almost as grumpy as me

Loopy my youngest daughter was worried about me going out in it. 

I gave it a good shot but didn't make it up the hill, which was probably a good thing as I had yet another hill to make it up before I had to take on the downhill challenge of 1 incredibly steep hill, followed by a much longer but not quite so steep one.

I spoke with the organiser who was very, very kind and was more worried about safety than a no show.
Thank you Vicky for your understanding and fingers crossed that we can't be that unlucky to be blighted with further bad weather come April!



  1. Oh no! This time last year we were having a mini heat wave, what next! :) x

  2. Ada, I'm with you...pretending that Spring is here!