Saturday, 9 March 2013

Good things in little things...

You know sometimes you see something, something that really catches your eye?

Mightn't be anything big, usually for me it's the small things...

Most of the time I buy it, convinced I can find a spot for it!  Then it turns out that in our itty bitty tiny house, full to the rafters with people and things, that there really just isn't enough space to either fit it in or do it justice.

So when I spotted these last weekend on my neighbours stall I convinced myself I would use them.  
That I would find a spot for them and pop them out on the crafty shelf and use them for 'stuff'!
It's happened to me before, the 'snooze you loose' mentality of a busy Vintage Fair so I bought them...

Aren't they lovely? 
I didn't even open them or turn them over, I just picked up 1 then spotted the other and bought them.  Popped them in my suitcase of wonder and forgot about them...

On Monday I unpacked my suitcase of wonder and there they were, looking so cheerfully bright I felt they were smiling.  I opened them up ready for a good soapy wash and look what I found...

The original grease-proof paper inside them both!
But the excitement didn't end there 
{remember I am easily pleased}...
Look what I found on the bottom of them when I was washing them up...
This little character is called Mischief and is a trademark drawn by the amazing Mabel Lucie Attwell!
Despite their age the only real wear is a where a stripe of sellotape had been across the top of each lid and that had even brighter colour!

Now how about that then!  

I almost popped with excitement as I am falling in love Mabel Lucie Attwell; I know next to nothing about her in all honesty.  I recently picked up a Peter Pan book with her illustrations throughout, I only bought it because of the drawings.  

These tins were supposed to come home with me, that little worn and grubby book was waiting for me to spot it.

If I lived in the big house I once thought I would live in, then these little beauties would be happily homed.  
However I don't live in that big house, as I've said I live in a small house and these little lovelies are now on Etsy


  1. My Bunnies come yesterday and I Love them!Thankyou so much, when will you be getting more.They will make great Easter Presents.Lesley x

    1. Oh I'm so pleased you're happy with them!! I had a peek over at your blog and it looks very happy on the shelf

  2. They are absolutely amazing and even more special because of the illustration! Wonderful find.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger