Thursday, 20 October 2011

Today I have been...

Realising that you can't keep every bit of stock you pick matter how usefull, pretty, quirky, handy or just downright gorgeous any of it is!
Accepting that you cannot keep every paintover you do...including the two shelves & Ercol chairs that are being held hostage in the shed
Regretting falling in love with the recent linens that have found sanctuary here and not happy that they 'may' go to market & not come home for Christmas
Agreeing with people when they say how lucky I am to be able to 'play' with the of the perks is that you can 'showcase' the stock around the house
{hubby is convinced I'm just trying to sneak things into the house disguising them as stock}
{{as if I would!}}


I'm enjoying this vintage malarky!

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