Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sandygate 1950's pottery...

My camera is no longer {sigh}
So...I can't show you the 2 gorgeous polka dot tea cups & biscuit saucers (not sure what to call them really, saucers with room for a cake, bicci or sarni?)
You wont for the time being see the lovely pastel green & yellow, how cute they are and how darned usable such cuteness is!!

I thought such things were a modern design (think Nigella Lawson)

And it would seem to be quite unusual as I have trawled the tinternet and can only find 1 link to a photo
{worth nipping over to the link lots of lovely 1950's bits there}

So for the time being they are bringing a smile to me when I look at them...hopefully I can get a photo of them on here in the hope they will give you a smile too!



  1. Hi, I received the gorgeous retro milk bottles and stripy straws and I absolutely love them. I am going to blog my appreciation for them.

    Thank you so much.
    Sam xx

  2. YAY! Oh I do hope you get use out of them....the kiddo's here are leaving their milk for Father Christmas in one this year {yes we do start 'planning' such things a bit early!}