Thursday, 20 July 2017

Time Travelling...

I think I might be a time traveller on the quiet.

One minute I look at the calender and its March, I look again and June's here, look again and we're almost at the end of July!

How does it happen?

Like many of you I'm in the hectic count down to end of term.
With my youngest daughter moving up to BIG school this year, there are a lot of 'leavers' events occuring.
All lots of fun and all totally distracting!!

We took NW & Co Candles to Tidworth Polo Club at the beginning of this month
I've never been to a Polo match before and Tidworth were hosting the Rundle Cup, an Army v Navy event.
There was a parachute drop complete with flags & smoke, the Royal Marines marching band and of course a fair dose of Polo!

It was a smashing day, the weather was glorious

Candles in the heat can be challenging, but with a bit of movement we were able to keep the majority of them shaded

The tent smelt amazing if I say so myself, if I could have had a pound for everyone who said how lovely it smelt I would of had a weekend away somewhere sunny!

I'm so pleased with how it all looked on the day

 NW & co

The only thing I would change is to not separate the tables, as when it got a bit busy it meant instead of a flow of people one way there was a bit of crossing over!  Not the end of the world I know but what can I say?  Call me picky.  

The Vintage Range was a lovely talking point, lots of memories from Grannies tables

I can't end a post without mentioning the really important stuff!

We now offer all our scents in a candle, reed diffuser & also a room spray.

I'll make a separate post about the reed diffuser & room spray
They honestly do deserve a bit of a showy off post!
Needless to say it took a LOT of testing to get them both to be just right

full range available online at


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