Sunday, 19 March 2017

2017 A Year of Positivity...

I decided that this year, 2017 is going to be a good year!

Life felt like I couldn't step of the merry go round towards the end of 2016

After our annual trip to Brighton it was decided; I'm moving forward, onwards and upwards only!

A set back with the naming of my candles has been an opportunity to totally change the name & give them their own identity
There is already a succesful brand which sounded almost identical...
...But that is a post for another day

After lots of tea I've decided to keep Priddy Priddy Vintage running

Despite the neglect it goes through during winter I do keep an eye on things, the odd listing and making sure that any enquiries are answered
I'm looking forward to stocking the cupboards with beautiful things for you all

From this gorgeous little F&F Japan porcelain sea conch - just what a mermaid needs in her life!

To the timeless Sylvac Clam Shell vase

which when filled with gorgeous blooms transforms into something like this

More of the ever useful and yet still pretty Woods Ware Beryl range

To handy, practical and oh so pretty storage tins

And I still cant pass a little piece of Hornsea by, so many happy seaside holiday memories

I enjoy the collecting of these things but not as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

So I make no promises to post more regularly here on the blog and I can't promise that I'll update the shop weekly

But I do promise to share some truly Priddy things with you

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