Saturday, 12 March 2016

Priddy Copper Candles in 'Bake Off'...

I think I will aim to introduce one scent a month.  A scent that will reflect the season and its celebrations.

With that, this month March I give you...

'Bake Off'
Inspired by the 
Great British Bake Off
Valeries Patisserie

Smells like a warm cinnamon swirl with a hint of whipped cream...its a lazy Sunday morning sat in Vals
This is the candle I light when I settle down to watch The Great British Bake Off

I made a batch of these on Saturday morning and when the younger kiddos came home from football and hockey practice they asked if I'd been baking!

Wouldn't they make a wonderful alternative to an Easter Egg?  
It smells so yummy and lasts beyond...

Wish I could have had these out in time for Mothers Day, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a yummy smelling candle!
Still there's always next year

A chunky 300g candle that give 48+ hours burn time.

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