Sunday, 14 February 2016

Filing Cabinet Makeover...

Shortly before Christmas I pulled a pretty disgusting looking set of filing cabinet drawers out of a skip.  

It had been in a barn for the past 15 years, was covered in all-sorts and in fairness looking at it the skip might have been the best place for it.

Undeterred I gave it a quick bash to knock off the dead spiders and webs, emptied the drawers back into the skip, called my other half and waited.
He raised his eyebrows and he may have tutted at the state of it going into the car, but home it came.

I gave it a complete wash down with bleach and water and it was rough but it was salvageable. 

There were rust spots, the handles had rusted and it was a very dull grey.

It lived under a cover on the patio over Christmas, which didn't help with the general rough and readiness of it.

I spoke to the chaps who do the spray work for us, a sandblast should get rid of the rust spots, old paint and general grottiness.

Initially I was going to go for a turquoise 
ala Lazy Daisy Jones...

(photo credit to Lazy Daisy Jones blog)

Pretty damned gorgeous isn't it?


at the moment I've got a project on the go which involves copper and I'm hoping to use them as a photographic prop.

I resisted having a true copper re-spray and went instead with a burnt orange,
 which will sit nicely against my newly painted grey wall!

And so Voila

I love it!  A true one off!

Perhaps one day it will make it to my workshop/craft space....
more likely not though as I'm still waiting 5+ years down the line for that to be a reality!

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