Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sunny days...

Oh hasn't the weather been amazing!?
Yesterday the hottest 1st July ever recorded here in the UK...
I have to confess I did whinge a bit yesterday, even the wind was like a warm hairdryer!

But it has given me the excuse to tuck myself away in the shade and catch up on a few bits.

Saturday just passed we were at a Garden Party Fundraiser for the Primrose Unit.
It was glorious weather.
I only took a few things along as I wanted to enjoy the event/atmosphere.

I did worry that the Beardy Bobs Soy Wax Candles might melt in the heat but they held on through even the hottest midday sun

I was assisted by my helper, whose rates were quite reasonable much ice-cream as we could both manage!

I've also taken the time to take a few snaps and list a few bits over on Etsy

'Kev' the donkey may just be my favourite, but this little deer has been giving me the big brown eyes for attention...

and amongst other things a few pretty and kitschy tins have found their way onto Etsy

The weather has taken a cloudy break so no more photo's but I will be listing a few ready to ship Beardy Bobs Candles over the next few days


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