Sunday, 9 June 2013

MK Handmade and Vintage June 2013...

Did I forget to show and tell?

Oh my...I am so sorry!

So where do I start?  I wont show you the set up photo's as they just show me looking rougher than nails as I try to set up what is a mini shop in just a couple of hours.

So where and what would you like to see?

Well this was us on the first day, right outside John Lewis...just in case you want to pop by and say hi hey de ho in September.

The display cabinets look pretty non?

Now what is that in the suitcase of wonders I wonder?

Not one but a bakers dozen did we take to the show...

This may just be my favourite...

Love the art deco styling ^^^

Displaying them in the suitcase was perfect, easy for everyone to take a look at and it showed them off nicely

Both of the lampshades came home...which was a surprise but then it wasn't either.  
I think they're very reasonably priced  £35 for the Amy Butler fabric one and £45 for the Frilly Frou Frou Knicker one.  
The Frilly Frou Frou is currently lighting my lounge as I tap, tap, tap on the net-pad.

Im not too sure what this would have been originally, it is sturdy enough to be a stool to sit on and perfect size to hold a cuppa tea or Pimms?

Another pretty little sewing box...

Lots of lovely glass ware...

Just a snippet of the selection we took

A vintage suitcase full of tins and enamel ware...

I love, love, love Midwinter...

And finally...

4 trios, milk, sugar pot and cake/sandwich plate

We may not have the most curated, display perfect stall but we do have a diverse selection...a little bit of something for everyone!


  1. Wow, such a pretty stall, I'd definitely have spent all my pocket money in one go! Love the lamps, it's a shame they didn't sell: I did a fair yesterday, it was very successful. I took 2 standard lamps, one traditional (£50) and one funky (bright pink pompoms and green stand £62). I really wanted to bring the traditional one back as I had just the right place for it, but of course that one sold! Great tip about the mirrors, I'll definitely try that one, as I just usually take one or two and prop them precariously!

    Where is the fair held? I'm hoping Manchester, as my son may be going to Uni there this year, and the dates may coincide!

    Love Claire xx

    1. Always the way, the one you'd like to keep gets a new home...I wanted to bring the blue backed display cabinet home but it sold early on Saturday! Another way to display the mirrors is to turn a side/coffee table upside down and put hem between the legs.
      Glad you had a good show, makes all the hard work worth while

  2. Should read things properly! Just read it's Milton Keynes ... of course MK, doh! Never mind, maybe one day ...

    Love Claire xx

  3. Oh it all looks wonderful! Yes, the perfect mirror display! :) x

  4. Looks wonderful. I love everything, but especially that little sewing box, gorgeous!