Sunday, 31 March 2013


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I'm easily confused these days.  Once upon a time I was at the front of web page design...well perhaps not the front but I completed a web design course quite successfully, I could understand HTML it wasn't all jibber jabber.
Slowly but surely my skills dwindled, times move at a fast pace and...well...need I say more?!

So Google reader is being retired this June.

Apparently it is under used and although we users are loyal we are too few to make it a viable option to continue with.
The little gadget at the side of my blog >
and yours will soon be gone.

Hey ho

So how do you or I keep up with the latest posts from our favourite bloggers?

Well this is where Bloglovin comes in.

Im not sure if I have it all in hand but I have a new little gadget where you can follow PriddyPriddy using Bloglovin >> 
just to the side there
I have tied the blog up with the PriddyPriddy facebook page.

Im hoping I have it all in place for you to simply click and follow, any problems drop me a comment and I will do my best to see where it all went wrong!

Hope to see you over at Bloglovin soon, Im updating my blogs I follow bit by bit too!

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