Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The best of...

MK Handmade and Vintage
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We had the absolutely BEST of times over the weekend!!

Where to start?
Come on then...

There was a last minute cancellation of the stall behind us and the event organiser {very kindly} let us have use of it, so this time around we had a double fronted stall!

The back of the stall

The front of the stall

And a few of my own favourite pieces...

Who hasn't got a soft spot for a few Vintage Linens? 

This surprisingly came home with me, it is uber comfy.  
I had one very similar when I was a kiddo, same colour but mine didn't have the gap in the sides.

Large hamper also came home with us, but is heading out to the Beaconsfield Vintage Fair with me on the 23rd March!

These 2 lovely bedside cabinets went a lovely lady with the most well behaved little lad!  He was too cute with a gap tooth cheeky smile.
They are 'This is Lebus Furniture' and were quite a find to get a pair together with very little needing doing to them apart from a lick of paint.  Original handles....teeny tiny cute-ness.

Both the bureau and mirror came home and are being re-homed here!

Jelly moulds and cake domes....always a firm favourite with our elderly customers who we are lucky to have a chat with about days gone by.

Vintage Mirrors...

A couple of the ones we took with us; set on solid teak back boards they were certainly made to last and I swear the glass gives a nicer reflection?  Maybe it's the process used back then to make them or just the ageing process on them?!

I absolutely love these little ceramic spoons!
They really finish of a gift of home-made jam and our kiddos use them to hoick the marshmallows out of their hot-chocolates!

We were so busy I didn't get a chance to take photo's after our initial set up.  
After almost 100 customers on the Saturday, we were a bit worried we wouldn't have enough left for the Sunday; but a bit of re-jigging and hey presto we were ready to go!

We came home seriously empty, which is the perfect excuse for a spot of bargain hunting, which then gives me the reason to get the paints out!  
Seriously I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do

I managed a quick scoot around the stalls and picked myself up a lovely large enamel tea pot, even bigger than the last one! {HUGE}

A couple of little tins came home ready to get a good clean and go onto Etsy.  
Already photographed, they are extremely sweet...


and finally just for my lovely sister...

'It's science luv, not wishy washy woo, there's only so much we can do'



  1. Glad you had a good weekend ... it all looks lovely!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I wish I had visited, loving the jelly moulds! I would really like a stall at a vintage fair but it seems so scary for a first timer like me!


    1. I did my first couple of stalls when the MK Vintage and Handmade was at Stony Stratford and it was a lovely smaller community feel which was a fabulous welcome!