Saturday, 23 February 2013

I hold my hands up...I have been far too quiet.  Ok you might be happier without my ramblings but I have missed sharing the latest finds and revivals.

After being dropped over the years more times than I care to remember our little laptop finally gave up the ghost; hinges broken, wireless wires hanging loose and just generally being very used and abused.  A trip to the repair shop {yay for warranties} and we have what looks like a new laptop!!


A new little Vintage & Handmade Fair has popped up, local to us in Beaconsfield Old Town and we were lucky enough to have a stall there today.
The fair runs on the same date as the local Farmers Market so lots of goodness for the soul with the 
Vintage and a tad more yumminess for the tummy!

Once again we managed to fit a LOT into a small space

I don't think the photos do our little space justice, we did utilise the floor space to the front with mirrors once I'd remembered we had them with us!

The lovely little Model 28k Singer sewing machine,  I didn't get a photo of the engraving {DOH!}
hard to think that so much effort and detail was put into them all the way back in 1922

I've a soft spot for yellow roses, hadn't realised it until I looked through old stock photos, I blame it on my parents playing 'The Yellow Rose of Texas' on the old gramaphone when I was a kiddo
The lovely 'Sadler England' tea pot is really, really gorgeous, perfect condition and the gold is just enough to set it off.

Finally a couple of photos of the old frame with its mirror!  

The photo's hand on heart do not do it justice, in real life it is just so much more nicer...

The mirror is up-cycled from another frame and although it's not perfect the wear on it fit the frame perfectly!

The French cake plate and dome...*sigh*...what can I say?! 
 I love it
it's huge, plenty of  room for a generous serving of cupcakes, the most chocolatey of chocolate cakes would look happy {for the brief time before I'd eat it of course}and there is even enough space under the dome to hold a large cheese!

Despite the freezing weather { -4 with windchill } we had a lovely day


The fair will be held in the United Reformed Church, in Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield, from 9am to 2pm and will run alongside the farmers’ market, which is held in the Old Town on the same day.


  1. Looks lovely, wish I was close enough to visit. I've been after a hand crank sewing machine for a while, that one looks lovely.

    1. Oh Jeanette, if I'd have realised I would have let you know I found one. I'll definately keep an eye out for one for you ;)
      This one went to a chap who bought it for his fiance, lucky gal!