Saturday, 17 November 2012

Seeing how....

well the recovered Vintage suitcase turned out I have the urge to play with fabrics a bit more,
which is handy seeing as it is so cold out in the shed for painting!

Having not found another Vintage case to recover I have been hunting out dusty and unloved {some might even say hideous} large standard lamp shades...
but you know what?  Even they are hard to source!  Yes I know you can buy the frames new but that really does defy the idea of what I want to do *shrug*

So I have managed to find the grand total of 2!!
1 is really quite dusty, grubby and unpleasant whilst the other is a plain white {and lined which is a bit of a bonus}

I have been tempted by this months Country Living magazine to turn them and others that might wander into view into an uber funky Christmas tree malarky....but the chronic lack of space has out a damper onto that idea {for the time being anyway}

If you've read any of my previous posts you'll know I have a bit of crush on Amy Butler fabrics and have the perfect ones lined up...firstly though I think I should give it a go with a good old fashioned sheet {save any expensive mistakes}...that said Im not known for my patience, I do like instant results, so will more likely dive head into chopping up some of Ms Butlers gorgeous fabrics!

Once again the lack of camera is making for very dull blog posts and the distinct lack of before n after photos'

if I do manage to get a photo I will add it at a later date

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