Saturday, 13 October 2012

Crafting by...


Oh how pretty!

I found this in the back of a cupboard, bought as a prop for Priddy Priddy Vintage but stuffed to the back of a cupboard when it didn't work as I wanted it to...

It gives of a lovely glow and even heats the room up!

Inspired by my sister I have been re-purposing a few spare jam jars...I have a LOT of jam jars and a hefty number of Vintage Kilner jars.

The Bonne Maman jam jars house my buttons, sorted into colours they are a wonderful rainbow of yumminess...the more jam we eat the more refined the rainbow becomes, tonal colours *sigh*  
Other Bonne Maman jars have been put to good use this year to keep the home-made preserves/relish more managably sized {less waste}

The Vintage Kilner jars are another matter though...I 'like' them too much to actually use them and they are pretty large too; so a bit big for my jams etc!

So back to spare jam/pickle jars...
after spending a couple nights enjoying the candles I am running low on supplies of this size candle!
They come from Ikea {where else} and as 
A) I don't plan a trip this side of Christmas {unless I nip in whilst at the Milton Keynes Vintage Fair?}
and B) no other candle seems to fit...
I want to try to save them.  

All very good but I still want candle light, so I've been stash busting

Leftover linen, a snip of ribbon, the odd button and hey presto...

the buttons are my favourites

Lovely decorated jam jars to house dinky {and found by the hundreds everywhere} tea lights


  1. ohhhh i really love them. they will be great for christmas!!

    1. Oh Pip thanks...they are for fund raising {more on that very soon}, so it's nice to hear they appeal to others as well

  2. They are really pretty...I wonder if we need any jam! Ada :)

    1. Ada, even in this cold weather you can't beat a home-made scone with an unhealthy dollop of cream and a good old splattering of jam! Go on....