Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vintage Suitcase...

Part 1

I picked this little beauty up at the last Vintage Fair...

Not sure whether to keep it as it was and use it or re-cover and either use or sell

It's taken a while to decide what fabric to use and just as long to find time to actually get crafty
{wet school holidays do not equal quality mama crafty time!}

So not able to wait for the big reveal...that might not happen for a couple of week yet if the weather continues to mock me

Here we have Part 1...the work in progress

It's been a lesson, the tute I found some time ago said to use the rotary cutter to tuck and trim, but that just wasn't working for me?  The Custards folded the sides under and that method is working for me

I blame Mollie Makes magazine {where I saw a lady who sells these online} and the tinternet {too many gorgeous blogs by very talented crafters}, 
show me a bit of gorgeousness and I feel the need to put my own stamp on a version

It was Ideal Home where I saw an article on a lovely lady who sells the suitcases
Lexi Loves


  1. This looks ruddy marvellous - well done you. I particularly love the fabrico. Fiddly round the hinges I found (I think there is a tablet that you can take for that!!!) but good enough for an overall effect. I shall keep my eyes peeled for the full reveal!

    1. I once again have a fuller appreciation for the effort involved in such things...the hinges/locks etc are fiddlesome!
      At the moment I have the suitcase at the bottom of the stairs with the nice 'done' bits showing and hiding the 'tricky to do & so far undone side bits'

  2. I love old suitcases - I store all many of things in them and stack them up neatly....or stuff them under the bed!

    I'd say a keeper for sure.

    Nina x

    1. the longer it sits where it is the more it becomes a's the perfect size to house the super duper huge crochet blanket
      I think it'll come with me for displaying bits at the Vintage Fairs though!

  3. Hello,
    I would say a keeper too...
    A lovely job!
    I have a couple of suitcases on my wardrobes that belonged to my Mum,I just love them , as the insides are all floral,really need to keep them open to display at their best!hehe..
    Have a happy Wednesday!
    Maria x

  4. Agreeable fabric choice, the overall blue colour brings out the brown in the sides and really shows of the peacock handle. What a great find and vision.
    You have a lovely blog, crammed full of glowing creative goo. :)
    Also think your "priddy" title image is super cute.
    Thank you for all your posts! - Which I have had a great time sifting through.

  5. wow! I love this lots and lots and have a similar suitcase to cover on my to do list me thinks x