Saturday, 19 May 2012

Box of Full of Wonders....

I picked this little beauty up a couple of weeks has sat patiently in my eye line, waiting for me.

I wanted to take my time and savour this, I didn't want to rush through it just checking for stock...I wanted to get to have a play with the contents

It was stuffed to the rafters with lovely Vintage Notions & Haberdashery, quite unassuming from the outside but once you opened the box up

Vintage threads, trimmings and lace

Vintage buttons 'Fashionable Buttons' no less

Vintage pastille tins

LOTS more super buttons

It was an extra treat for me as some of the packaging and pricing is from a long gone local independant department store

Once again I have fond memories of time with Gran...wandering around Murrays.  It was where we used to go to see Santa, where we might be allowed to choose a toy, where we would visit the Winter Grotto.
When I had to take sewing at school it was Murrays that Gran too me to for the pattern and fabric,  where she bought me a lovely cashmere scarf that kept me toastie.

Gran would tell tales of my sister stomping her feet and sulking about not being allowed the toy she wanted at this store...sorry sis, but you know the story :)

I've still not had the heart to seperate the contents, price them and put the into stock...I will this week {ready to take along to the BIG MK Vintage and Handmade Fair} but for now Im enjoying the nostalgic blasts that the bright packaging is hitting me with when I open that little box of wonder!


I haven't forgotten the Liebster blog...I am on the case but busy preparing for next weekend at the moment


  1. Oh wow! What a box of treasues!

  2. How wonderful! A lovely little find...Have a happy weekend! Maria x

  3. I have to say the more I rummaged the longer it took me! I made a start on the buttons but just got so distracted.
    One of them a tiny little glass one hand painted with 3 tiny flowers deserves a post of its own...and there are so many genuinely lovely ones with bits of thread attached were the owner thought them too pretty to throw out.
    Lovely feel good feelings