Thursday, 31 May 2012

All the fun of the fair...

May 2012

We arrived late and stayed till the wee hours of Saturday morning to set up Priddy Priddys' stall - our stall looked like this at the time when everyone else had gone home,
 getting up again at 5am to return in time to finish the set up...
We threw in a dose of Jubilation with our lovely flags and I have to say it was all worth it and we had a blast!

I do love a enamel bowl!
{or three or more...}

These Practical Householder magazines from the 50's & 60's had us chuckling...any advert that promises 'new & revolutionary' with carpets gets my attention!
Health and Safety would have a field day with some of the 'weekend projects' they have

If I say so myself we put on a super little stall

We took a HUGE selection of gorgeous wicker baskets, I have a bit of a thing for wicker baskets...I just can't walk past one and use them around the home.  Handy with kiddos, pack their toys into them and they can cart them to whichever room they're playing in
{and they look gorgeous too!}

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  1. Your stall does look lovely ... I've bought a Union Jack to use as a cover, wan't really sure, but it looks fab on yous ... I've also got a tea trolley looks identical to yours ... Hope you have a lovely Jubilee! Xxx