Friday, 16 September 2011

Vintage & Retro inspired new arrivals...

So my little website is taking longer than I had hoped to do...better to get it right than rush it and bodge it!

A couple more gorgeous goodies that don't fit into the 'vintage' tag

Kiddo sized or perfect for a Retro kitchen 
The Gumball Rack
A snip at the grand old price of £6 + P&P


Going back to the Vintage vibe is the oh so sweet
Rolling Pin 3hook hanger
My Gran used to have a rolling pin like this for real but you can have this for 
£8.50 + P&P


While I'm on the retro theme guaranteed to keep you on time
Wall Clock in Ivory
£15 + P&P


and we still have the hard to find but popular mini milk bottles in their caddy
Great for getting the little ones to drink their milk or a talking point at any party table...question is how many sets do you need?
£8.50 + P&P


Any questions I can answer please drop me a line

Have a lovely weekend...if you haven't already take a look around our new little blog, there's a lovely give-away for you to enter and we've also listed a few more bits over at our Etsy store

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