Friday, 23 September 2011

Lloyd Loom...

Can I turn this into something pretty?

Of course I can!
It's already a little beauty, it's just wearing a tad too much paint at the moment.

This has had a whole heap of use in the clean up of this little gem

and already it's looking improved 

I'm not usually a pink girlie but this little beauty is crying out to sit in a pretty little bedroom somewhere so will be turning a shade of pink this weekend...
to match the 1930's bedside cabinet I'm just finishing
photo's of that later once the waxing is done!



  1. oh my word, I have that same basket sitting to be sprayed up in a cream colour - it was a fern green colour before but looked a bit tatty. Can't wait to see your new improved basket :-) x

  2. It's funny you say cream as I can't see it in pink at the moment and had been hedging my bets towards the more neutral & safe creams!
    Although chances are if it goes cream it may never make it to the Vintage Fair in a couple of weeks :)

  3. Hah! Issue 6, page 61 of Mollie Makes magazine...