Thursday, 7 July 2011

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As a mama to a large and boisterous family I have finally found my niche!
'Thrifting' is now trendy!  
Who'd have thought it that finally in my (ahem) forties I am bang on trend.
All the years I have been trawling car boot sales, charity shops and recycling centres have not been in vain.  
I have a wealth of experience reviving old pieces back into life and into our homes, seeing beyond the hideous orange pine, worn fabrics and finding those nic-nacs that for too long have been stashed away into cupboards or as donations to charity shops.

So what you ask will be offering to you here at Priddy Priddy?

I'm a sewer of lovely children's clothes, this came to be in a quest for practical trousers that fitted over cloth bums and girly dresses that were in budget and not mass produced.  Some are made from upcycled vintage fabrics whilst others are made from beautiful fabrics from popular fabric designers.
No children are made to slave over the making of our clothing...they may be bribed for photo's but I don't think that counts.

Late to crochet but addicted to blanket making, there will I hope be the odd gorgeous blanket.  Made from hard working yarns, that machine wash and are made to be used, abused and generally loved by your family...just as we love ours.

Gorgeous and I really do mean gorgeous nic-nacs that are both lovely to look at and practical to use.  

Small items of furniture that have been revived and given a new life ready for your home.  All prepared and finished to a high standard.

Oh and Bunting!
There should always be a space in life for bunting!
Indoors or outdoors you can never have too much bunting in your home. (can you?)
Birthdays, Easter, Celebration days, Christmas or just simply because it's just so darned cute!

Vintage? Retro? Handmade?
generally speaking popping one of those words in front of any item these days is like a licence to print money.
You'll be glad to hear that's not so at Priddy Priddy...we aim to offer value & quality.

Should you decide to re-home one of our little items (and we hope you do); you could also be helping me to salvage a few bits from landfill...and that really does offer a feel good factor. 

And that's it really!  
I'll be attending a few crafty/handmade fairs through the year and will keep you posted on where we'll be.

Life is quirky!

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