Saturday, 16 July 2011


Blanket Box

Finished and ready to go!
I couldn't wait till Monday & wanted a bit of cheer on this grey, wet Saturday.

Painted in a lovely chalky white eggshell paint, a low sheen finish with the durability to be wiped making it practical for daily use and easy to wipe sticky marks off.

But what's that I hear you say...white is a bit...plain!?
Really? Perhaps but it is soo adaptable.

You think a flash of colour would be nice?

Well it just so happens so did I...

A flash or two of vintage blue that reminds me oh so much of my 70's childhood...

Now all it needs is a loving new home; maybe with you? to hold your winter blankets in? or maybe to store your summer picnic wares?  perhaps you have a little one who would love a box to hide their pirate treasure in? or a husband who has a collection of 'stuff' that needs a home?

For now I think it can live with us... homing our odd sock basket & my crochet bag!


One of the best things about stocking for a fair is that I have a reason (read excuse) to get the sander & paints out!

Already on to the next project...WIP photo's to follow
The only dilema is what project to start once I finish one!  And I still need to get into the loft to find, photo and post more 'stuff' acquired...ah tis a tough :)


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