Friday, 15 July 2011


How quickly the week has flown by! 

The blanket box is a big old project, but is turning out lovely; I'm half tempted to keep it for our reading corner.

Hoping to finish that for the weekend and list it ready for Monday and ready for me to move on to another project.

The sewing machine is poised and ready for action; sadly though the postal system would appear to have lost my parcel... 
fabric from over the seas is winging its way over as I type, although if it's taken 3weeks for a no show from  a UK supplier who knows how long that will take!  This means that 1 my youngest daughter wont get her twirly skirt for the weekend and 2 that its going to take a few weeks before I can pop a couple of dresses into 'stock'

Happy weekending to all you...
a reveal post on Monday for the blanket box and who knows maybe the sewing fairies will find my fabric and I can give you a sneaky peak.

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